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You bought a camera, now what.... by Owais Rafique

First Camera

The biggest fear people have after they buy their first DSLR/mirrorless camera is being overwhelmed by the technology that is packed into their new 'toy'.  
This was one of my fears when I picked up my first camera which was a Nikon D3000 6 years ago. However, I soon realized that there is no way I can break it (unless i physically damage it). The camera has a 'reset to default' option so I ended up experimenting with the settings and even tried shooting in manual mode but the images would never come out properly so I would keep it at either auto or Aperture priority mode and hope for the best. Although the quality of the images would come out amazing I knew I wasn't using the camera to it's true potential. So I went to Youtube and started watching a bunch of videos but my head was so overwhelmed with information I didn't know where to start! I'm sure many of you feel this way as well so I have narrowed everything down to just TWO videos which will guide you and make you more comfortable using your new camera: 

- Exposure triangle:

- In camera metering:

These are the absolute basics, the only thing you need to understand before watching any more videos and fine tuning your skills! I highly recommend picking up your camera after watching them, switching it to Manual and experimenting at home. Keep playing with the three settings (Shutter, Aperture and ISO) and watch your in camera metering which makes it SOO easy to nail that exposure.

Untile next time - Happy shooting!

Owais R